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i rated this game a 10/10 becuz the songs and the art and all of it the butter funny and jantine kinda funny too  nice game!

My fast forward doesnt work any help people

is the game "Compatible" with 8GB of Ram (Professional Laptop) ?

Game runs smoothly on my laptop with 8gb, so you should be fine! 

Thanks, but it's always laggy a little bit, so i turned down the quality


That Is Kinda Look Like Fnf


FNF fans when they hear about other rhythm games:

Wait Till They Hear About Osu Mania

Or Dance Dance Revolution

what are the controls for a computer?

aswd or wasd

WASD for the fully color notes and arrow keys for the CD ones 

Q is for L and E is for R

cool game


Is this game open source

I have a problem, on the story mode, after I best the first stage (not the tutorial) even having a b, after selecting continue story they send me to the house again, and if I continue I have to do the first stage again, and it happends everytime, ¿does anyone know how to solve it? :/


make a mac version and also put it for old version and add it on app store

This game looks nice! But could you make an android version?


Absolutely fantastic! This game is so charming and happy, I can't wait for the full release!


I love this game, very excited for the full release. After I exit the game, it makes my bluetooth freak out. Headphones work perfect during gameplay, but after I leave the game, my headphones won't play any audio until I disconnect and reconnect them. This isn't a problem I've experienced with any other games, and only happens when I leave Melodii.



I loved nami.wav the most and stir and mix was also great! love the animation


This game is so nice!!!! It's extremely funny, and I absolutely adore all the tiny little details in the animation, and I think the whole concept is extremely fun so it's great to see more games doing it. Good luck w this project cause it's rad!!


oh my god this game is ADORABLE. i adore melodii's animations!! the ost is an absolute bop, and the game is super fun! absolutely love it! :)

uH how do i play it? When i downloaded it it just gave me files for the game. 

You need to extract the blue boxes then wait until it's done. then boom.


i extracted the files and nothing happened :(


You're supposed to double click the scratchin melodii application

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the only thing i did for play it was run the application (not the UnityCrashHandler32)

you need a decompressor bc, the game is a ZIP. This is also happening w/ me TwT



This game is REALLY fun keep it up :)

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Deleted 21 days ago

This game has so much charm that it makes me cry tears of joy.


I'm a little late to the party, but here is my gameplay and review on this amazing game. Only complaint I didn't mention was how tight the window for perfect hits are. Other than that, very fun game.

I love the game it worked what you have to do is press the right button to get access to  anything you need to get to in this game



You know you can go into options and lower the graphics right?


but is still laggy

locked at 60fps game moment


One question, the game does not open on the desktop, it does not open, it says that there was an error in the code, I can only open the game in WInRar, remembering that I extracted the game in WinRar

I cant play  it... well... im on PC i am downloading it and then... it says redownloading will fix but it dosen't fix when i download it... i wanna play...:'(



it's an awesome game! I love the animation style it reminds me of Wario Ware a lot, it really takes me back! And the song are great, i love Nami's the most bc i personally love Vaporwave music.

is it safe?

it is

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what do you mean by safe, Like 18+, gore, language? 

It doesn't have any of that if you though it did, if you were concerned about age rating you don't have to worry, i would give it 10+ just bc of the mild crime in it, but it's just vandalism, not like it anything bad.

hope that help Rennsxqe!

i mean by can you get a virus 


You will get a virus named "Scartchin' Melodii".

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It's true the virus is very real. 😱😲😲😱😱😱


has anyone made a web port possibly


I was wondering how to put Scratchin Melodii on the desktop instead of opening WinRar and starting the game
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right click + extract in (name of file)

Thank you so much

A question, the game does not open, it says that there was an error in the code, I can only open the game in WInRar

not sure where else to put this but just wanted to let you know abt a possible bug. when playing nami.wav (going thru the quick groove menu) on the bar that runs the notes/buttons nami plays that you have to mimic, they occassionally stay in place at the side rather than scrolling across the bar. i havent noticed this yet for any of the other tracks though.

i was gonna play this for my videos then uhhhhhh

it costed money and i don't have money


I don't believe it does. I think what you're talking about is the donation prompt. If so, you can just press the "No thanks, take me to the downloads" button and you should be able to play it. If I'm wrong, I apologize.

A question. How do I put the game on the desktop without needing WinRar? (I got the free game)


I'm afraid I don't know how to put the application on the desktop itself, but you could instead move the folder to the desktop.  Sorry if i was no help.

Sorry for getting back to you late

no proble

I got the recent version

thanks for telling me i'll try it

thanks for telling me i'll try it

it didn't work at all

nah bro it's free, you can choose to give the game devs money to support them, but you don't have too

are you ever planning on making it possible to turn off controller vibration?

can you make the garphic lower

You can lower graphics in settings

but is still laggy

When its gonna be the next update?

I wish it have mobile version

I wish it was for Nintendo Switch because i have it

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Good looking game with an art style that reminds me of Warioware (they are quite similar lol), neo-retro music, good character design, and impressive, 80's post-processing effects but I have some issues with it. 

First, the game has an FPS cap for some reason (why???), mouse input doesn't work in some menus, and you can't save or load your game... on an RPG, a type of game that needs that, the audio pauses when you pause the game in some spots and changing the controller or keyboard controls won't change the key or button icons in-game.

Second, some scenes are unskippable... (REEEEEEEEE), going fullscreen needs you to press ALT + ENTER like in old games (Doom and Quake memories) not the more commonly used F12 and separate video and audio settings like I don´t know, post-processing, VFX and other stuff can't be tweaked in menus.  

Hopefully, this game releases with those issues fixed, one day. 



my gameplay


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After download what do i do to play? (pc)

extract the .zip file, and then click on the .exe file

which one?

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