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What's up. Any updates on the full game release 

fun game but whew...that difficulty curve is insane.


i failed the first song, and then after i said "no" to retry, it took me back to the main menu and 2 songs were playing over top of each other, and i doubt thats on purpose tbh.


Great game, tons of fun, can't wait for the final product


I wanted to like this game. The story is interesting and the art style is eye catching. The songs are really well done and the animations are very appealing. The gameplay itself needs a little more time in the oven. 
The difficulty curve is too sharp and there is basically no tutorial. Once you get used to the controls and what buttons you need to press, there are quirks the game has to prevent you from being good. On the segments with the double lines, there is almost no time to react when the indicator switches from the top to the bottom. It's almost a guessing game. A simple fix could be making another head come in from the left like it does with the top line. It also seems like there is some input delay with my controller (using a dualsense wired). The lag config seems to only be for matching the visuals and audio, so adjusting that won't help the input delay. After fixing those issues this will be a really solid game

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i agree completely, like the controls make sense but the game does not give you enough time to get used to them. like i assumed that it would start off really easy and get progressively more difficult, but it just jumps straight into a pretty difficult song right away with no time to acclimate to the controls at all. and i also agree with it being a pure guessing game, where other similar games give you time to react.

other than that, i love the look and feel; music is actually amazing. 

gameplay leaves much to be desired tbh, its practically impossible to hit anything correctly.


Not sure if there's anything I can do about your controller's input delay unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be an issue for the controllers I've done testing with (Xbox One, Switch Pro, and Dualshock 4), but I'll try to look into it when I can. If I may offer advice for double lines as of now, try to remember that the icon always just moves down to the next line as soon as it reaches the end of the first one. Thanks for the thorough feedback!

does it cost money now?


when the download was finished it was Failed - Forbidden


please help me the game keeps crashing when i try to play nami.wav please help me


i agree with Heitorsant


looove the game and finally got to play it myself!!! it's even better playing it yourself, everything is so nicely done, even in spots where you can tell there is still parts that need to be finished, it very obviously has SO much love in it that you wanna see everything <3
two things that bother me:
- cinnabay's buns don't jiggle during "dj i gotta admit.." which isn't consistent with how it jiggles throughout the rest of the song, i think animating it with a jiggle during that part will just finish off that one animation :D
- will there be a more concise tutorial level? i find it really hard to get used to the pace of the game/the easy setting doesn't seem to do anything that makes it feel easier, and i think expanding on that one tutorial level in the freeplay mode would help a lot as well as the easy mode being easier (reduce amount of inputs or variety of inputs, easy doesn't use L/R for example)??? but not sure if i'm doing something wrong on that one since it doesn't feel like i even did anything when i select easy?? i could even see that one tutorial song and another one for before melodii even leaves the house that could still be integrated into the story but help the player get used to the pace of the game, since i think slowing it down is not necessarily the answer. 
i think you have a really good gameplay loop here and i don't think it's a bad thing that some people are finding it hard at first! you gotta make it work in its best state before you start making an easier version. please continue at a pace that suits you, you're doing so good! i admire your hard work so much!

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Press 'Enter' on your keyboard

what software did you use?


W Game cannot wait for the full release


This game is so good im obsessssedd with sidechain fever, wish i was better at the game lol


will this game be available for phones in the future?

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i really love this game, i think it has a lot going for it and a lot of the problems i have with it are more to do with technical issues than the actual design of the game itself. 

i'll start with the things i love. the art style is eye-catching and incredible. it really suits the game and music. the design of this game is very lovable and charming. the music is very catchy and doesn't get old even when i end up replaying a level over and over again to get a better score. and act one of the story is genuinely fun to play through, the characters and dialogue are silly and enjoyable. i really did enjoy myself for the most part playing through story mode.

now the things that were not so fun. first of all, the game defaults to 1920x1080 every single time i open the game itself or the main menu, which gets annoying very fast. also it'd be nice if there were more resolution options but 1280x720 works fine. i played this with a wired switch pro controller through steam, and every time i opened up settings, it would switch it to xbox controller settings despite me always setting it to switch controller settings. it's a small problem but it also gets annoying fast. i can't speak for other control setting, but for the switch ones, on the menu, A and B icons are switched for some reason? they look and act fine during gameplay and the restart screen but just not in the menu for some reason. 

some more issues i ran into that aren't really tech issues, the blue of the R and B (for switch) are really similar in gameplay and i often get them mixed up because of it. i struggle with the start of the second line in double lines because i don't have that lead in time like you do with singles. scoring i struggled to understand and even after reading the explanation page for it i still have a hard time wrapping my head around it. if there is a difference between easy and normal mode i could not point it out, even playing all the levels on easy, i struggle to get a score above C for every level. 

honestly this game is very enjoyable and fun, even with the issues i've encountered. i look forward to eventually purchasing the full release however far down the line that may be. also for context, all these issues are as of V1.033. (sorry for the long comment, i really do love this game!!!)


Thanks for the feedback!! I believe the issues you had with the resolution happens when you forget to hit "Apply" after setting them, and the controller issue happens because the demo currently can only detect Switch Pro Controllers through wireless for some reason, which will make Steam Input read it as an Xbox controller to make it compatible. The icons being switched in the menu under this particular situation seems to be an oversight I missed while suiting that layout for the "Auto" layout option. I'm glad you were able to have a good time regardless!


Downloaded the new demo! A great game, but i found that sometimes on Nami.WAV, or at least in the quick-play/free-play, That after the second disc sequence/arrow sequence, it stays on your note bar, covering up all the notes after it... is this just me?

i dont understand how to play this game

I spent half an hour for it to download, just for it to say download:forbidden. Thats time im never getting back

just found out what was making Sidechain Fever lag for me; the unholy amount of puyos. near the end of the song with less puyos, it dosen't lag. but at the beggining since there's more puyos, it lags, please add an option to have less puyos in sidechain fever.

Any idea when the next update will be? I am LOVING this game!

necesitas mejorar el juego y ponerle la dificultad dificil

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This was a super fun experience!!! I found this game via youtube last night and was immediately in love with the game's soundtrack and artstyle :D Toootally scratched my itch for a parappa-like game without feeling too derivative!! Also deceptively difficult lol (at least for me)

I used a dualsense controller for this and found using the directional buttons to be pretty clunky/uncomfortable during record scratching sections, but also the menus would go completely unresponsive if I were to remap the controls. I wasn't able to test out if using a control stick felt any better because of that :')

Although this has already been mentioned in other comments, I also totally feel like the story mode has some pretty inconsistent difficulty spikes, though the scoring system was forgiving enough that I didn't get stuck on any particular song.

I also felt that it was a little too easy to not notice when the line changes from single to double or pink to blue, which was an especially noticeable problem during faster songs like Stir & Mix. Maybe there could be an audio cue or something??

Still, I loved this demo!! Will def keep tabs on the project, and would 110% grab any physical merch if yall decide on that down the line 👍

Overall: 10000000/10 the best indie games are the ones about some nonbinary kid having a No Good Very Bad Day


new voices suck


I just saw a video of this game
and i LOVED IT

Is too much hard to press a lot of directionals in a small space of time, please fix it, I cant get more than C and now Im cryng blood with my house burning

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make for Mac please


I want to say that the tenneis level is a little bit too hard at the start until the next cutscene.Can you please patch it?

Pues si tiene que hacerlo + que sea difícil sacar una S imagínate



con 4 de ram me funciona lol

Perfecto le tenemos que pedir al creador que revise el juego bien y que dejen de engañar


literal, esta super mal optimizada la nueva build, para ser un juego en 2d deberia de ir bien lol, juegos hechos tambien en unity como Honkai star rail me van mejor que esta demo XD


osea el juego no esta al 100% en 2d, usa elementos en 3d tambien pero igual le falta algo de optimizacion

Tiene razón


The minimum system requirements I've written are just the system specs that I'm currently aiming for the game to be playable on. It could possibly be functional on systems below those specs anyway, but at the moment I don't plan to test it on specs that low. Honkai Star Rail is a mobile game, so of course they aim their system requirements to be lower. Either way, optimization is still being worked on, this demo was mostly for testing the gameplay mechanics themselves.

¿Para que actualiza el juego cada 2x3?

What are the controls in this demo, my arrow keys don't work. :(

you can check the settings,  the keyboard controls are Q E A  S D and W and the arrows too

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Thank you! ((The Creator)I want it free pls.) E D I T: Wait, it's free. (skull emoji)


i scratched my melody too hard...

I was wondering if I need a specific controller such as XBox which is what I'm seeing the most or if I can use any type of controller? I only have my Switch Joy-Cons.

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please optimize Sidechain Fever. my laptop IS a bit bad, but with the correct settings it can run all songs in the game at the very minimum a comfortably playable state at 80 FPS or so with no stutter at all (besides the game over screen), but Sidechain Fever, the song i was the most excited to play since this song literally got me into Puyo Puyo from the moment i saw the youtube previews, runs terribly. the song itself runs at 50 to 130 FPS, but somehow stutters as all hell and is unplayable?? what?? please fix this.

i tried 2 different x box controllers and the A button opens the pause menu. have no idea why, looked in options couldn't fix it. My 8bit do controller does not seem to do that. weird. 


i felt that the Jamtine Icon looks odd and not the same artstyle so i remade it (no hate intended)

This game is amazing. The sound is supreme.  The new updates to the songs and voices are perfect. Don't change a thing! You're on the right track! No pun intended.


Hey, I was wondering if I could make my own song and you can add it to your game. It would be completely original, and I would love to make one for you!

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