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In this game, you're playing as the young DJ and musician, Melodii. After getting caught doing graffiti, they've gotta scratch up some melodies to pay debt for their felonies! Defeat your rivals to get to your jobs (Bosses) on time!

The current demo has:
1 tutorial level (Astral Advisory),
3 Rival Battles (Cream Cheese Icing, Nami.WAV, Stir & Mix),
And 1 Boss Battle (Grease Poppin').

You can play through it all with the rpg-inspired Story Mode* or select songs as you please with Quick-Groove! 

*(The story mode overworld isn't super populated at the moment, but rest assured that will change in the future.)

You can get the soundtrack here!: https://lj-lephemstar.bandcamp.com/album/scratchin-melodii-ost


"Why isn't my controller working/mapped right?"
If your control isn't working properly, the first thing you should try is restarting the game or adding the game to your Steam Library as a non-Steam game.* 

Other possible solutions: 

(If playing natively)

  • Make sure Steam, DS4Windows, or any other program that affects controller input isn't running in the background
  • Make sure your controller is player 1
  • If you're using an NS Pro Controller natively, try using it wirelessly

(If added to Steam)

  • Make sure DS4Windows or any other program that affects controller input isn't running in the background
  • Make sure your controller is player 1
  • Make sure you have the config for your controller enabled in your Steam settings.

How to add non-Steam games to your Steam Library*

"Why aren't my controller vibrations working?"
This game has vibration signals, which serve as warnings to help with being prepared for things such as upcoming lines. If yours isn't working, possible fixes are:

  • Make sure Steam, DS4Windows, or any other program that affects controller input isn't running in the background 
  • If you're using a NS Pro Controller, try adding the game to your Steam Library as a non-Steam game* and playing it from there. 

"I'm experiencing a bit of lag."
From my testing, I've only experienced hiccups at the beginning of a song when I have a program open that's using up a lot of my PC's power while the game is trying to run (Usually the Unity Editor). BUT, if you do run into any a quick "Retry" from the pause menu should let the game run  everything smoothly from there. Try turning the quality down in the Options menu if needed as well!

Updated 5 hours ago
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorLJ LephemStar
TagsCute, Hand-drawn, Low-poly, Unity


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Scratchin' Melodii (SAGE 2022 Demo).zip 385 MB
Scratchin' Melodii (SAGE 2021 Demo) [Old] 268 MB

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notes wont click. having trouble moving around map and finding the next level.  songs are good tho. good job on the songs! i can still be ok with this bug-like thing. since its a demo. why am i getting feelings that the stir and mix song has a glitch onto it like when i just finished the song it shows train wreck. keybinds set to keyboard, windows 11.  sometimes some houses are gone from the map so its harder to find levels

this is still a good game with the songs and stuff

nvm just my skills saying i dont want to beat stir and mix.

beat it anyway

im on a mac is there a browser version?

10/10 i got S rank on Stir & Mix :D

This is the best game i ever played!!! :D

my controller input in out of wack, everytime I press the A button on my xbox controller, the pause screen shows up

game seems super cute but controls are atrocious... ill wait until you can edit them yourself


If you go to the options and hit "Remap Inputs", you can change them.

can't wait for the full release on steam

I wanna download this game, but I don't know which download to click, The top one or the bottom one?


pls fix the NS controller pro joystick before i can play this


Please read the troubleshooting section of the page. I've been able to use mine with this game, so it should work. Since it's a 3rd party controller, there are just a few things you have to do first.

I agre

cool gam very lik pappa da rpaa


will there ever be keyboard controls, or control options?

just asking cuz I’m not buying a controller or a game pad (i forgor the name )


there are keyboard controls u have to go options with the arrow keys select with s key and then go controls and selesct keyboard

(1 edit)

My game window is extremely small and, I can't see the game fix it!

Read the Window resolution bug hotfix!

Will this game come out on Mac?


I'm playing on PC,
does anybody have a list of the controls? I cant press anything (Also i don't have a controller.)


to get into the game press enter

Then  for the rest its QEWASD and arrow keys

does the game run good on an 4GB pc and doesn't use much memory?


is helping the broken beach girl (at the end of the demo part + in the backround) possible?

stupid amounts of screen tearing it looks so bad

That's probably your own fault

In some instances it says you've lost points when you gained points.
Example: -20 in reality it's +20.

is a browser build possible?

(1 edit) (+1)

i have a bug, you can fast forward the actual gameplay until you lose/trainwreck in grease poppin', only if you press shift/right stick right before the gameplay starts


Hi! I'll be answering most of your guys bug reports. I'm quite tech savvy too.


Is the game supposed to do this? (Read below)

I had a funk of 807 at the end of Grease Poppin'.

The game result screen showed that I had 530 funk. Is that supposed to happen? If anyone who knows sees this, please reply.

Dk, it’s still a demo so theirs bound to be some bugs 

I know it's a demo, but I was asking if anyone knew if it was intended or not.

Probably not, maybe something glitched out or the game added additional inputs on accident.

Ah sorry, the funk value during the song is technically counting a different value from the one in the results screen, haven't gotten around to renaming and/or putting them back to the same value yet. Just know you aren't missing out on any points! The missing points just redistributed themselves to the other values in the final results.

(5 edits)

Still having trouble with the wacky window?

1. Press Windows+R.
2. Type regedit.exe.
3. Accept the administrator prompt.
4. In the search bar, copy: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\LJ LephemStar or navigate to it.
5. Do not click on 'Keys' or resembling to a folder.
6. Delete everything with Screenmanager.
This will not delete your data! Only the screen resolution will be reset.
7. You're done! Open the game, and everything should be alright.

Alternatively, if anyone has experience in tech, you could make a registry editor file that deletes Screenmanager and then run it each time the window glitches.

Im having a problem where on an xbox controller, the downward facing button, A, pauses the game AS WELL as puts the button on the bar. Ive tried changing controls and cant get it to be fixed. Can someone help?

Have you checked your controller mappings?
1. Go to Microsoft Store.
2. Download Xbox Accessories.
3. Connect your controller via. wire.
4. Click configure.
5. Click the wrench icon.
6. Set A mapping to A.

amazing game, i'd love to see a full game of this. please keep up the great work!

sometimes when i play this (btw its a great game) it doesn't let me play a bar (most noticeably on grease poppin' please help.

Show post...


If you click up while on the tutorial select screen on Quick Groove, you will be softlocked and forced to go back to main menu.

Also, what is this? This happened when i restarted while I was on the breather.

(1 edit) (+2)

Ey I found a lil bug *i guess?*, in story mode when you click shift while walking/hovering your character start moonwalking.

They should keep this, honestly. It's too funny not to remove.

ns controller doesn't work and the screen is too big

plz help

Controllr I don't know but you can press alt+enter to jump to full screen mode.

Hey when will this game be available on Mac?


 HO NO IT'S 666!

why 666



Hey everyone, sorry about the resolution bug, I just released a hotfix to hopefully fix that! If you're still having the issue, please let me know.

help mine just does this

Did you open it via steam? If not, then try to run it through steam.

Read my posts


this looks really cool! though i wish there was an option to play with keyboard instead of a controller!


That's something baked into the game already! You might need to navigate to the options so it can properly display keyboard keys instead of controller buttons though.

Looking cool! But i think there should be more clear indicators of wether or not something is single bar or not.


There's a circle indicator on the top-left, so you might have to use your eyes.

Oh boy! Buddy, you're creating an super amazing game. I love the songs you guys made. Now I'm anxiously waiting for the full version. However playing with keyboard is kind a hard.

You can play with a gamepad.

Yes, thank you.

is it virus-free?



I... don't know WHY they would put viruses into it...

my x button still pauses the game, does anyone have a fix?

(2 edits)

Found BUGS with windows:

Exiting Quick Groove Menu
Going Back To Menu After Story Done
Exiting To Menu On Quick Groove Song
Quitting Quick Grove Song
If you do any of these actions, exit the game immediately/ASAP to avoid the window glitch.

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