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In this game, you're playing as the young DJ and musician, Melodii. After getting caught doing graffiti, they've gotta scratch up some melodies to pay debt for their felonies! Defeat your rivals to get to your jobs (Bosses) on time!

The current demo has:
1 tutorial level (Astral Advisory),
3 Rival Battles (Cream Cheese Icing, Nami.WAV, Stir & Mix),
And 1 Boss Battle (Grease Poppin').

You can play through it all with the rpg-inspired Story Mode* or select songs as you please with Quick-Groove! 

*(The story mode overworld isn't super populated at the moment, but rest assured that will change in the future.)

You can get the soundtrack here!: https://lj-lephemstar.bandcamp.com/album/scratchin-melodii-ost

Official Website: https://www.scratchin-melodii.com


"Why isn't my controller working/mapped right?"
If your control isn't working properly, the first thing you should try is restarting the game or adding the game to your Steam Library as a non-Steam game.* 

Other possible solutions: 

(If playing natively)

  • Make sure Steam, DS4Windows, or any other program that affects controller input isn't running in the background
  • Make sure your controller is player 1
  • If you're using an NS Pro Controller natively, try using it wirelessly

(If added to Steam)

  • Make sure DS4Windows or any other program that affects controller input isn't running in the background
  • Make sure your controller is player 1
  • Make sure you have the config for your controller enabled in your Steam settings.

How to add non-Steam games to your Steam Library*

"Why aren't my controller vibrations working?"
This game has vibration signals, which serve as warnings to help with being prepared for things such as upcoming lines. If yours isn't working, possible fixes are:

  • Make sure Steam(if running game natively), DS4Windows, or any other program that affects controller input isn't running in the background 
  • If you're using a NS Pro Controller, try adding the game to your Steam Library as a non-Steam game* and playing it from there. 

"I'm experiencing a bit of lag."
From my testing, I've only experienced hiccups at the beginning of a song when I have a program open that's using up a lot of my PC's power while the game is trying to run (Usually the Unity Editor). BUT, if you do run into any a quick "Retry" from the pause menu should let the game run  everything smoothly from there. Try turning the quality down in the Options menu if needed as well! Do keep in mind that there is a certain point where some lower-end PCs just cannot handle the game, however.

Copyright Information

©LJ LEPHEMSTAR LLC, 2021 - 2022

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(352 total ratings)
AuthorLJ LephemStar
TagsCute, Hand-drawn, Low-poly, Unity
LinksHomepage, Soundtrack


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Scratchin' Melodii (SAGE 2022 Demo).zip 385 MB
Scratchin' Melodii (SAGE 2021 Demo) [Old] 268 MB

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WE NEED FILES OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I NEED MY GALKA IN THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please make a mac versionnnnn :(

im having trouble pressing the keys and im comfused how to play

Amazing soundtrack





Scratchin' Melodii glitches LOL

When i put the game on a ps4 disk and crush it in the meat grinder

(1 edit)

how do i open it im using asus i extract it what else do i need to do?

check ur files, and open the folder you extracted

does anyone know if this game is being worked on currently?

when will you make a mac port

alright i've noticed that the game is highly unfair compared to parappa, and it doesn't even allow a single mistake


Have you seen this mod yet?

it's bad since it feaures fnf


bro what? fnf aint that bad its just a rhythm game- like the other two games  

Its not 2019 bro


it was released in 2020...

and why am I lagging scratchin'melodii?

is it all about the Internet?

I don't see what the internet has to do with it.


releasxe on  mac lj NOW

i don't see why you have to force LJ. they're a hard working creator with this being a 1-5 people project and you decide to force them? they work so hard and you decide to ask them to release it on mac. it's not that hard to stop being so bossy all the time. leave LJ alone and let them work on the game. be patient and wait for your mac update.



I cannot leave the sync beat screen, i downloaded it 2 times (newer version)



(2 edits)

I gave this suggestion with my soundtrack purchase but I may as well post it here like a normal person–

While in the Quick Groove menu, I found myself scrolling through the options to the rhythm of Stir and Mix. It'd be a cute touch that if the game can tell something like that, it plays that song's preview rather than jumbling the previews. Not at all necessary but a cute touch, and maybe it could be used as a different method of selecting, with a prompt to press Y (or some other open button) to play that beat you were tapping out! 

Ridiculous idea, I know-- but this game is so full of nice touches so I felt like suggesting my own! 

RIP Mac players :(

they can use virtual machines lol


why the butter groovin


pls make it playable in browser im on chromebook :(


Hey I have one quistion and a suggdestion when will the full game come out? and I think in the full game you should add easy mode, medium mode, hard mode, and really hard mode. please respond if you see this. (extra subscribe to HackerNoob Gaming on Youtube please)

(1 edit)

there have in quick groove i dont remember what key is but i think is with w in the song what you want

there is an easy and normal mode in quick grove

it also changes story mode too

theres easy & normal in the "Quick-Groove" menu! press "W" then use the arrow keys to choose your difficulty!


upon beating the game, my friends story mode stopped working and the quick-beat gets stuck on animations/doesn’t let him sing. I’ve never played this before, but he doesn’t have an itch account so I am leaving the comment for him. If you know a fix, lemme know.

this usually happens to me too, theres no current way to fix it so it's best to wait for a new update. i'm a pc/keyboard player and it happens very often

can you put the sound track on spotify?

<span class="ryNqvb" jsaction="click:E6Tfl,GFf3ac,tMZCfe; contextmenu:Nqw7Te,QP7LD; mouseout:Nqw7Te; mouseover:E6Tfl,c2aHje" jsname="W297wb" <the="" game="" has="" a="" bug="" that="" you="" are="" in="" the="" opions<="" span=""></span>

the game has a bug that you are in the opcions and the song is started as seen in the video 


The amount of polish on this game is insane. I absolutely can't wait for the full release!!


how do you go full screen

ALT+Enter / turn off window-mode in "Options"

3rd demo come out



This game is so cool and I hope it gets all the love and help it deserves


the art is so cute and the music is just so 😍

May i Continue My Journey


I have some issues when i try to start the story mode it just dont let me play it and in the quick groove i get stuck on the animations and i cant sing Please help me

same thing happened to my friend after they beat the game. Ima leave a comment about it in a sec. Did you beat the game first?

why have key remapping if it doesn't work?

i rated this game a 10/10 becuz the songs and the art and all of it the butter funny and jantine kinda funny too  nice game!

My fast forward doesnt work any help people

Press shift

that aint working i already tried

is the game "Compatible" with 8GB of Ram (Professional Laptop) ?

Game runs smoothly on my laptop with 8gb, so you should be fine! 

Thanks, but it's always laggy a little bit, so i turned down the quality


That Is Kinda Look Like Fnf


FNF fans when they hear about other rhythm games:


Wait Till They Hear About Osu Mania


Or Dance Dance Revolution


or notitg


fnf fans when they see any rhythm game with input from the player or a cartoony style with thick lines:

what are the controls for a computer?

aswd or wasd

WASD for the fully color notes and arrow keys for the CD ones 

Q is for L and E is for R

QWEASD and the arrow keys

go to options and press controls at the top

WASD, Q, E + arrow keys

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