Quick Groove Menu & Grease Poppin' hotfix

Sorry about having to make all these hotfixes so close together! Releasing an update with a lot of changes means I'm gonna make some oversights, LOL. If you notice anything else let me know!

  • Pressing "Up" while hovering over Tutorial in the QuickGroove Menu no longer soft-locks game
  • Missing sprites in Grease Poppin' have been restored
  • Pausing during 3d mode should (hopefully) no longer cause issues.


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65 days ago

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When I start the game the screen shrinks (I don't know if it's something from my computer or it's a bug)

Thank you screen is delayed and also it pre loads on easy mode when you start up the game

the settings dont save when you exit the game. (dont know if its something to be fixed or intentional)

if you pause a song and then fast forward it while in the pause menu it will COMPLETELLY break the song making it UNPLAYABLE (will reset after you reset though)

(2 edits)

If you play stir and mix on easy mode while in quick-groove, enter story mode, then play it in story mode, it completely breaks the song, making it barely playable. (May work on other songs aswell, but i havent tested it.)

this happened to me too, but with nami! I wonder if playing it in normal mode in quick groove will fix it again?